“He played everything we requested in a perfect order to keep everyone on the dance floor. Everyone thought he was the best DJ they had ever heard. We love you, thanks so much for making our special day so memorable.”

– Meagan R.

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From the birthplace of Motown, to the cradle of civilization in the Mediterranean, I have had an affinity towards music from an early age and had the honor of entertaining guests internationally since 2005. I am an experienced DJ, MC, Event Planner and Coordinator.

I was the guy who spent countless hours listening to vinyl, messing with my friends’ radios in their cars and playing with the host’s stereo system at parties. Music has always been intrinsically connected to me and my life. It’s only natural I became a DJ to share my passion!

Over 16 years of experience spinning for all types of events, crowd sizes, venues and musical genres has allowed me to develop a tried and true method of planning and executing events for maximizing flow, fun, entertainment, crowd interaction to ensure a FUN event!

Lets face it, planning and executing an event can get very expensive fast. There’s no reason entertainment should break the bank. Costs are mitigated through free consultations, budget friendly fair pricing, and customizing events to your needs, without adding extras that you don’t need.

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DJ Fredo has been entertaining for over 16 years. The wide variety of events has helped in the development of a tried and true method for ensuring your event is successful and most importantly, FUN!

The DJ Fredo method stands on four pillars to ensure success:


In order to provide high quality performance and sound, DJ Fredo Productions employs only well established and reputable brands that have a long track record of reliability and excellence.

Not only should gear sound good, but it should LOOK good too! That’s why we select elegantly designed, visually and physically unobtrusive hardware that fits any occasion.


Every event is special and unique. The musical selection should reflect that.

DJ Fredo Productions prides itself in using professional grade DJ software, high quality digital audio, up to date musical library with the latest, hottest tracks and a fully client driven customized playlist.

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Planning any event can turn into a monumental task.

That’s why DJ Fredo Productions offers over a decade of experience to help answer any questions you may have, provide digital planning tools accessible via web on any device, has a network of professional referrals and availability for complimentary meetings, calls or video conferences.


Above all else, the goal of any event is to ensure you and your guests have an AMAZING time.

Through crowd reading, choosing the right music at the right time, and being fully engaged and interactive, DJ Fredo Productions will make your event a blast!

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DJ Fredo Events Are Great Successes!


DJ Fredo Productions takes pride in our performances and client focused approach. My goal is to make every event perfect and every client and guest happy!

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DJ Fredo has worked with different DJ companies for periods of time and had wonderful events and experiences which not only helped me hone my skills, but also helped me meet fantastic folks I had the honor and pleasure of making their events amazing!

Here are some reviews highlighted from聽my time working with JD Entertainment, Complete Music, Elysium Experience and Fireside Events..

Collaboration with JD Entertainment
Reviewed On 10/07/2015 by Katie A
We are so happy we went with JD entertainment!! We loved that from the moment we stepped into there office we felt like family! Our DJ Chris was amazing! He went above and beyond for us!!! He made sure we had every song we wanted and got my guests on the floor grooving! He even danced a few hustles so people knew how to do them! I can't thank Chris and John enough for all they did for us!! We highly recommended them!!
Reviewed On 9/11/2015 by Amy K
JD Entertainment did a fantastic job with our wedding. DJ Chris followed our wishes perfectly and was able to keep the dance floor going all night (even with the very wide range of ages at our wedding). They were very professional throughout the entire process and their online planning tools were extremely helpful. Highly recommend them to anyone getting married in the metro Detroit area.
Reviewed On 7/18/2013 by Olivia D
I had no idea how simple JD Entertainment would make my wedding day. Chris coordinated with the photographer and videographers throughout the entire reception. He would first speak with me and as I was about to go find the necessary people to inform, he would step in and notify them himself so I could continue to enjoy the evening. Chris was amazing and I will be recommending him and JD Entertainment to anyone I know. Thank you!
Reviewed On 7/02/2013 by Kim F
I have to compliment Chris from Saturday. By saying he did a great job would only be skimming the surface. Every person at our wedding commented on what a great MC, DJ and person Chris was. The music was great and pleased every age group. Chris worked with my bridal party to make sure we all had a good time. Our dance floor was PACKED all night. John and I could not have been happier to have him as our DJ.
Reviewed On 11/09/2012 by Meagan R
Chris was phenomenal. We had originally requested John after hearing him at a friends wedding. John was booked but he recommended Chris. John was good but we loved Chris so much better. Chris played everything we requested in a perfect order to keep everyone on the dance floor. A few songs were requested that weren't in the library so he either downloaded them or grabbed them from guests. Everyone thought he was the best DJ they had ever head. Chris we love you, thanks so much for making our special day so memorable.
Reviewed On 10/27/2012 by Mary A
Chris from JD Entertainment was great to work with in preparations for the wedding day. He was easy to contact by phone or email, and he was very easy to talk to. During the ceremony, he kept checking in with us to ensure we were having a good time and that he was playing the right music. While the whole evening was a blur, I can say that Chris did an amazing job that evening.
Reviewed On 12/01/2010 by Caitlin S
Chris, from JD Entertainment, was the DJ at our wedding and he did a fantastic job. We were very particular on what songs we did and did not want played and Chris honored all of our requests and was very professional. I would definitely recommend JD Entertainment to others.

katie 路 Married on 10/03/2015

JD entertainment and our DJ Chris went above and beyond for us! With only five months to plan our wedding they helped us pick out a venue after we had to back out of one to a way better one! Chris kept all my guests dancing all night and played whatever we asked. He also made sure my guests knew how to do hustles! We enjoyed every minute of our wedding and we highly recommended them!! I can't say thank you all enough for being there for us and making sure everything went as planned!!

Natalie 路 Married on 09/06/2014

DJ Chris worked our wedding last weekend. He was extremely friendly, flexible, and professional. He helped our reception run smoothly and made helpful suggestions. I would highly recommend JD Entertainment for DJ services!

Kim 路 Married on 06/15/2013

I can not compliment Chris enough from Saturday. By saying he did a great job would only be skimming the surface. Every person at our wedding commented on what a great MC, DJ, and great addition he was tot he party. The music, set up, and he was perfect. John (My husband) and i could not have been happier to have him as our DJ. Even johns grandpa LOVES him - I wouldn't be surprised if he invited him over for dinner!! Great company and DJ. 馃檪

User3179608 路 2+ years ago

Chris Castiligone from JD was great and before our event he went over the music with us and gave great advice on what music to play And please the whole crowd of all ages and had them dancing and very personable and very accomodating to all request and you could tell he loves what he does and we felt like he was a member of our family and also pleased my Italian side of the family as well. We would highly recommend Chris for any event

Lani 路 Married on 08/25/2011

Chris, our DJ, was great! I gave him a play list of songs that we liked and he worked them into the night perfectly. He watched the crowd and always kept the right music going to keep people on the dance floor. He was there early and ready to go well before guests arrived and he played until the very end. He kept in communication with me throughout the night to be sure the music was to my expectations. Super job!

Laura 路 Married on 06/26/2010

My husband and I had a great time at our wedding! Our DJ Chris was great! He was flexible, professional and very easy to get along with. We would hire him again without a second thought.

User5428223 路 2+ years ago

JD Entertainment was fantastic for our recent wedding. When the original DJ that we booked left the company, John contacted us immediately and provided us Chris to DJ our wedding. Despite filling in on relatively late notice (about 3-4 weeks prior to the reception), Chris was able to accommodate all of our requests and handle the reception perfectly according to our wishes. In addition to handling the flow of our reception well, Chris was also able to keep the dance floor relatively full after dinner was served.

While slightly more expensive than other vendors in the metro Detroit area, JD Entertainment is worth it in my opinion. They have a wide range of very experienced DJs and always have backups ready in a case (like ours) where the originally booked DJ could not make it. I highly recommend them to anyone getting married around metro Detroit.

Kristen 路 Married on 09/07/2013

DJ Chris was so wonderful to have for our wedding reception. He was so calm and professional during all the hectic festivities and created a great flow to the night. He was flexible with our requests and did everything with a happy, enjoyable, positive attitude. Of all our services with our wedding, JD was the best. Emily was wonderful and kept lines of communication open and helped make the day a success too. Love these guys and would HIGHLY recommend them to any bride in the future. Thank you so much for helping to make our special day even better- Kristen Wilbur

Jordan 路 Married on 10/14/2012

We used JD Entertainment for our DJ, Photography, and Videography. Our DJ was Chris and he was absolutely AMAZING! We were blending two cultures, so Chris had to share the stage with a Russian musician and he was more than accommodating with this. Chris kept the energy up throughout the night and I heard nothing but amazing things about him. Chris was super flexible when it came to meeting with us (we were out of town); even meeting with us over skype. I knew with Chris in charge of the music that everything was going to go well. There were a couple times prior to the wedding that I got concerned about Chris working with our musician, but he calmed me down and told me everything was going to be okay. I would highly recommend Chris to everyone! Our photographer was Brian. Brian's photographs turned out absolutely gorgeous. Everyone that I have talked to that has seen his pictures rant and rave about how beautiful the pictures turned out. It started to rain prior to the wedding and we wanted some outside shots (being that it was Fall and the colors were gorgeous) and he did a great job of taking advantage of a break in the rain to get all of the outside pictures that we wanted. Something to be mindful about is that in the contract it says unlimited hours, but that actually means a full working day (8 hours). We didn't know this and were a little surprised when Brian made us aware that he was leaving shortly. Brian was able to get all of the important things photographed and they turned out gorgeous, but this just surprised us. With this being said I wouldn't change anything with our photography. Our videographer was Tom and we couldn't be happier with our experience with him. We're excited to see how the video turns out. Tom was extremely professional, easy to work with, and very unobtrusive. I had an idea for the closing shot to our video and Tom took the idea and ran with it. We loved everything about JD Entertainment and would use them again in a second!!!


To view all reviews for companies DJ Fredo has collaborated with please visit the respective profile pages on The Knot and Wedding Wire.

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