We’re all looking for the ultimate in experiences: The ultimate food experience. The ultimate vacation. The ultimate tool to make that task a breeze to complete. The ultimate party destination to make the weekend absolutely unforgettable. For your considerations, I present to you: PBR Cowboy Bar, Pittsburgh as the ULTIMATE party destination.

Yet another “Ultimate” Dance Club?

I know what you’re thinking…and you’re absolutely right. The word “Ultimate” is thrown around a lot these days. It’s easy for any business, service provider and venue to use such a descriptor with little regard to whether it truly is apt. Hear me out. I’ll give you 10 reason why PBR Pittsburgh (in no particular order):

1. The Club: Not Your Average Country Themed Bar

PBR Cowboy Bar

A country themed club isn’t new, but PBR brings class, elegance, country and fun together in an amazing combination of décor. Attention to detail is what makes PBR stand out, with blingy boots, huge bars, cow skin pattern VIP section (more on these later), with a DJ booth right on the dance floor in the mix of the action and fun. Oh did I mention there’s a mechanical bull?

2. Yea, There’s a Mechanical Bull

PBR Mechanical Bull

PBR features an AMAZING full powered mechanical bull for your bucking pleasure. Wild spins with gyrating highs and lows will test your cowboy/cowgirl mettle. Best of all, it’s FREE. You don’t or can’t ride? No worries, half the fun is watching other guests fly off the bull, or to watch PBR’s Buckle Bunnies perform tricks. Yes I said Buckle Bunnies.

3. PBR is home to the World Famous Buckle Bunnies

PBR Pittsburgh Bunnies DJ Fredo

For those unfamiliar with the Buckle Bunnies, they are THE feature experience of PBR. It’s what makes PBR different from your average country bar. They provide performances on the mechanical bull, do a variety of line dances, teach guests line dances, perform great routines for guests enjoyment, are beautiful to admire, provide VIP drink services AND….they wear chaps.

4. You are the VIP, and you’ll get the VIP Treatment.

PBR Bottle Service

Speaking of VIP services, no less than 5 VIP booths are available for you to enjoy, get pampered, receive personalize bottle service from Buckle Bunnies and have the best seats in the house so you don’t miss one second of all the action on the dance floor, the bull, the performances and the music.

5. Want a drink? You get drinks galore

PBR Booze

What’s a club without spirits? Not a club, that’s for sure. PBR definitely can help you get your drink on. With two huge bars, beer station and bottle service, you have a wide selection of alcoholic refreshments at your disposal.

6. Special Days and Reoccurring Events

PBR Birthdays

PBR isn’t just a club that sits idly by and expects the fun to just happen. PBR makes fun happen with special events, such as Freedom Fridays, Buckin’ Birthdays and much more. You can celebrate ANY special occasion at PBR!

7. An amazing musical experience featuring an AMAZING DJ

DJ Fredo Mullet

Obviously I wasn’t going to leave the music out. I am a DJ talking about a dance club after all. Admittedly this section is a touch self serving because the featured resident DJ is none other than yours truly, DJ Fredo. Besides the fact that I am the DJ spinning the tunes, the musical selection is an eclectic mix not relegated to country alone. Country, Rock, Top 40, Dance, EDM, and more create a musical journey everyone can enjoy from age 21 to 101.

I think these seven reasons are plenty to prove my point: You need to be there every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 7 pm EST to 2 am EST. For more details check out their website.

Check out the Events section of djfredo.com for upcoming dates featuring myself as the DJ (glorious mullet and all).

Keep groovin’
~ DJ Fredo