DJ Fredo’s Statement Regarding Tech and Social Media Censorship

DJ Fredo here. The following is a statement recorded on January 21, 2021 of myself, DJ Fredo. In light of political turmoil and Big Tech censorship, I have come to a decision. Please watch the video. If you have any problems with the video, please view the transcript I prepared below. Please note: all links are in transcript.



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Hi there. DJ Fredo here. Everyone who follows me on my various social media accounts, knows I aspire to be a-political, and to keep myself out of the political fray. What has occurred between January 6th 2021 and to this present day is alarming, and I am compelled to speak whilst keeping it the vein of remaining a-political. In fact, let me make that explicitly clear: my motivations are morality and personal ethics.

Effective February 1st, 2021 I will be voluntarily shutting down my Instagram and Twitter profiles.I will remain on LinkedIn, MixCloud, DLive and Bitchute. Please make sure you follow me on all those platforms. I know I don’t have a massive following, but I don’t want to lose anyone.

This decision was not made lightly. Quite the opposite. In fact there were two major factors that played into this decision:

Moral and ethical implications of remaining of Twitter and Instagram and how this would affect Twitter and Instagram from a business perspective.

From a purely moral and ethical standpoint, It is the only logical conclusion. Which is that there’s no place in the United States for dehumanization of your fellow American, acts of violence and abuse of power on behalf of private corporations such as Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google, PayPal, Stripe, et al. It is not the place of private corporations to remove the voice of Americans, the government, and to shut down lines of communication between citizens and their governments. These companies are actively engaged in acts of violence.

Nobody wants to see violence. Nobody wants to see unrest. Nobody wants to see suffering. Nobody wants to see tyranny. The solution isn’t more violence. It isn’t more unrest. It isn’t more divisiveness. It isn’t more tyranny. No matter what political side it’s coming from left or right, conservative or liberal, democrat or republican, it’s just not right and it should never ever happen here in the United States of America. Unfortunately is has by the hands of Big Tech, and just because tech companies can engage in dehumanization, discrimination and violence doesn’t mean they should.

I can not in good conscience remain on platforms that engages in such immoral, unethical and horrifying actions that go against everything the United States of America, its laws, its constitution, its foundational principles stand for.

From a business perspective, the markets have been pretty clear on their opinion on Twitter and Facebook’s actions. They have lost billions of dollars. However the business concerns I have are towards creators, entrepreneurs, small business owners such as myself who only want to engage, and in my case, entertain my followers. With a massive swath of potential eyes, ears (and lets just face it… wallets) being removed without any consideration to reduction of exposure to businesses that rely on word of mouth, organic connections, et al, makes it clear that tech companies like Twitter and Facebook are not interested in providing a platform for everyone or even one that is conducive to business. I didn’t sign up on Republican Twitter, Democrat Instagram, Libertarian PayPal, Socialist Google.

When I signed up with these platforms, it was because they were wildly popular, had a massive user base and they were supposed to be open to anyone and everyone. From a purely business perspective it made sense at the time when trying to gain exposure, grow organically and connect with others who may enjoy my music, spread the good word and perhaps generate a lead.

With Big Tech’s clear goals of pursuing this path moving forward, it makes no logical business sense to remain on those platforms.

So what does the future hold for DJ Fredo Productions’ presence on the internet? As mentioned, I will be phasing out my profiles on Twitter and Instagram. I will remain on  LinkedIn, MixCloud, DLive and Bitchute for the moment. Links are provided in the blog post for this video and I will try to make sure links are in the description as well. I will also be looking at other social media platforms that are more open, friendly, less political, more welcoming, more conducive to business and to connecting to people who enjoy music and services I can provide. I invite all of you to do the same. We should send a message to Big Tech that dehumanization, discrimination and violence is wrong.

One further final update is about DJ Fredo’s #AnythingGoes. As my listeners and fans have noticed, it’s been in hiatus for a a while. I’m upgrading gear, finding a new location to stream and reworking my schedule so for the time being there will be no virtual dance party. However, please follow me on LinkedIn and MixCloud as well as bookmark my website All events, including virtual events, will be listed under the Events Calendar. Between the social media profiles and my website, you won’t miss a single “Anything Goes”, and there are in person events to see me spin live, provided you are in the area.

Thank you for listening to the very end. Be safe and keep grooving.