Every city magazine has a “Best of” list out there. Pittsburgh is no different. The only difference now is that DJ Fredo is here, in Pittsburgh, spinning at an amazing club: PBR Pittsburgh. I think it’s the best club, with (modesty forbids..) the best DJ.

Let’s Make it Official: Help Me Be The “Best Club DJ” in Pittsburgh

That’s right! Nominations are now open, courtesy of Pittsburgh City Paper. They are compiling the “Best Of” in every feasible category. Of course, the best Club DJ is what I’m aiming for, and it couldn’t be easier for you to make this happen!

Easy As 1, 2, 3, Win! But…

The voting process is quick and painless. However, I want to address some common questions before getting to the voting! Want to skip the F.A.Q.? No worries. You can jump directly to the instructions here.

Let’s get some questions answered:

Q. Do I need to be from Pittsburgh to vote for Best Club DJ?

A. Not at all! You can vote from ANYWHERE! All you need is a device (laptop, smartphone or tablet) and you’re good to go?

Q. If I nominate/vote, it’s a one time deal and done?

A. No! We need you to come back every day if you can, or at least as often as you can. It literally takes mere seconds to nominate via write in.

Q. When do nominations close and voting begin?

A. Nominations end July 9, 2021. This is why it is IMPERATIVE to nominate DAILY! Voting takes place August 1 – 31, 2021.

Q. Will I need to provide a lot of personal data?

A. Pittsburgh City Paper does require an email, zip code and some basic information in the submission form such as your name.

Q. Does DJ Fredo collect any of the nomination voting data?

A. We do not have any access or control over Pittsburgh City Paper’s submission form.

Q. Can I share to help spread the word?

A. ABSOLUTELY! We HIGHLY encourage sharing on all your social media. Check out the sharing links at the end of the blog post for sharing options!

I think we’re ready to vote!

Time to Nominate! Let’s Go!

We’ve covered the contest, we’ve answered questions, it’s nomination time:

  1. Head on over to the Pittsburgh City Paper “Best Of” Nominations Page.
  2. Select “Club DJ” from the drop down menu.
  3. Scroll to the Write In section and type in or search for “DJ Fredo” (without quotes).

That’s it. It’s THAT easy.

REMEMBER come back daily or as often as you can to keep nominating! Nominations end JULY 9, 2021.

Thank you for your nominations and help!

Keep nominatin’.. and keep groovin’
~ DJ Fredo