Outdoor weddings are always special, albeit challenging for a DJ. April 16th, 2021, I had the privilege and honor of assisting DJ Eric for Fireside Events in providing entertainment for Austin & Auberly on Orin’s (Austin’s father’s) estate. It was beautiful, surrounded by nature, lush and green.

Austin & Auberly’s Ceremony and Reception In Brief

Surrounded by the forest, lush green grass and the serenity of nature, Austin & Auberly’s ceremony was had an intimate feel albeit the large crowd, augmented by classical music permeating the air. Despite the chilly air, the words from the minister made the ceremony a warm and flowing.

Austin & Auberly - April 16 - Wedding Recap Ceremony Guests

Once ceremony ended, DJ Eric and myself quickly broke down the ceremony gear and migrated to the reception tent. The reception tent was a great touch to providing a banquet hall feel, with a touch of coziness (and it was heated!). It was the perfect size and space for a nice sit down buffet style dinner (the home made mac n cheese with bacon bits was AWESOME), toasts and of course an amazing dance time with an amazing crowd!

Austin & Auberly - April 16 - Wedding Recap Reception Tent Head Table

Dancing part of the evening was amazing! Austin and Auberly’s crowd were so fun and Austin had moves! It’s always great for a DJ to see a crowd that enjoys music, gets out there and has fun, and makes some great memories for themselves and for the bride and groom.

I’m truly appreciative of Austin and Auberly’s friends and family for being the awesome fun group, not to mention can rock a coyboy hat like nobody’s business!

Austin & Auberly - April 16 - Wedding Recap Reception Dance Cowboy

Challenges and Rewards

Every event provides some challenges to varying degrees. Outdoor events always add a few more, but experienced DJs know how to handle such challenges. I thought I’d share a few highlights and pointers from Austin and Auberly’s reception to illustrate how DJ Fredo Productions and Fireside Events not only met the challenges head on, we knocked them out of the park.

Inclement Weather

Outdoor events are always at the mercy of nature. Generally nature plays nice but in cases of colder weather, wet conditions and more, it can create concerns that could make or break a party. Fireside Events a-Game made it simple to keep gear dry, functioning and powered (more on that in the next section). Portable tents were key to ensuring all gear was protected and fully operational without issue.

Clean Power vs Generators

Electrical power is the lifeblood of a DJ’s performance. However, power alone isn’t the answer to all DJ needs. Power needs to be consistent, reliable and “clean”. Otherwise, equipment will shut off, could get damaged by surges or produce hums and feedback in audio gear. Generators were available at Austin and Aubrey’s reception. Austin’s father provided power from the house along Fireside Events’ hundreds of feet of extensions for our gear. The result: pristine, hum free, reliable power.

Talented Performers and Experienced Coordinators

It is so easy to get overwhelmed in any reception, much less a outdoor ceremony and reception, in inclement weather, with a large bridal party, lots of important moments to capture whilst coordinating with photographers, videographers, caterers, efficients and a timeline to follow. Organization, a cool head, managing pressure and crowd interaction with energy makes a complex event into a breeze. Fireside Events with DJ Fredo Productions sailed smoothly over grand entrance, to special dances with everything in between.

Dancing and Fun

The most important aspect of any reception? Everyone had an amazing time. Austin and Aubrey’s family and friends were an amazing group. They seemed to have a fantastic time, and as a DJ for the event, it was wonderful to watch everyone enjoy themselves. Fireside Events knocked the party out of the park with great musical choices, skilled mixing and kicking sound system.

Austin & Auberly - April 16 - Wedding Recap Ceremony Dance Floor

Congratulations Austin and Aubrey!