One of the most devastatingly hit professionals during forced lock downs and Covid related mandates have been those who work in the event industry. Even worse, among the pantheon of media, politicians and “essential workers”, event folks haven’t once been earnestly talked about.

A year ago our industries were abruptly shut off without a second thought. Now, it’s time for a come back. In a BIG way.

Oh yes. Sounds good right? But wait! Nothing is ever THAT easy. In fact there’s still things vendors and patrons need to keep in mind. Here’s a few thoughts collected for your convenience:

Live Casino WestmorlandMall

April 4th OPENING!! Live! Casino Pittsburgh: What To Expect

I’m starting this discussion about expectations with Live! Casino and Pittsburgh PA for specific (and I’ll admit it, shameless self promotion) reasons: I am one of the resident DJs for Sports & Social Steel City.¬† I am ECSTATIC that Pennsylvania is lifting nearly all restrictions as are many other states. This is long overdue. It will be exciting and amazing to see people filling bars, clubs, venues and more for drink, fun and excitement. There are things venues like Live! Casino are doing and will do regardless of how far restrictions are lifted.

Lingering Fears, Addressing Them

Let’s face it, people are beyond frightened about Covid. Some of it legitimate, a lot of it really hammered into the minds and hearts of people by politicians, media and more. It’s going to affect comfort levels, ease of being around others and how much people will be willing to partake in events in person moving forward.

Venues and vendors alike will have to address this. Keeping up sanitation standards, surface cleanings, protective gear should be made available regardless if a state does away with mask mandates and capacity limitations or not. Each venue and vendor will have to assess what it is exactly they need to do. The message has to be clear: “We got you covered.”

Time to Party!…Hybrid style?

How do you ease tensions, fears and nervousness in gatherings?Hybrid Parties may be the answer. Live in person fun, music and dancing, but also streaming virtually at the same time.

Some vendor companies and venues are set up for this already. DJ Fredo Productions is one of the them. Top notch cameras, broadcasting software and your guests, family and friends will have the time of their life, whether they are present or not.

Let’s Get Out and Groove Together

Let’s put covid, the politics, the media, the fear, the woe behind us for fun, music, prosperity and most importantly, making memories for and with loved ones.

It’s time to open up. It’s time to party. It’s time to…

Keep Groovin’

~DJ Fredo