It’s been quite a year..

Let’s face it, 2021 has been insanely busy and chaotic for everyone in the event industry. With Covid restrictions going away, coming back, going away and coming back subject to geographic location and local leadership, it has proven to be a unique challenge to event folk like DJs. For DJ Fredo/Fredo Productions in general it has been a year of ups and downs like with anyone else. We’d like to take an opportunity to recap a few experiences for you:

Location! Location! Location!

One thing you can’t say about us is that we’re stationary. As an international and destination entertainment company, we get around. We’ve focused our attention on a few locations we want to highlight in our recap:

2021 in particular has been marked by Fredo Productions’ first extended foray into the Steel City event market of Pittsburgh. It’s been an experience for sure performing for brides, grooms, their families in the various wonderful venues in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, such as the Le Mont, The Pennsylvanian, and the Carnegie Science Center to name a few.

Of course, Michigan is still our backyard and State of origin and it’s always a pleasure to spin for Michigan brides and grooms at amazing venues such as The Eastern in Detroit & Great Oaks Country Club. It’s always a pleasure to “go back home” and be part of amazing celebrations!

New York City is another location that has amazing venues, parties, legendary nightlife and more to offer. Despite New York City’s leadership’s imposition of restrictions & requirements not only on events but on businesses in general, including those in the event industry, we have had the opportunity to spin in amazing venues such as the 48 Lounge and Mirrors on Grand.

We love entertaining all over. Hopefully next year our recap will include even more locations!

Getting Some New Toys for Christmas!

DJs and entertainers love their toys. There’s always a new controller, a new LED light, a new special effect or a new technology out there to enhance the entertainment experience for clients and performers alike.¬†Fredo Productions is expanding, upgrading and setting the foundation for great things to come.

Fredo Productions’ standard is held very high for entertainment and we are are working hard to ensure that our equipment and services are expanded to make the entertainment experience the absolute best!

This goes for our team as well! We don’t just stop and hiring talent, we help talent grow and take their skills to the next level through nearly 20 years of entertaining (and we don’t plan to stopping yet!).

Overall Overlook

Generally, any year will have ups and downs, some challenges, things that run smooth. This year Fredo Productions was fortunate to be able to entertain, meet amazing colleagues in the event industry, party with great guests and clients and hang out with amazing talent.

We look forward to 2022 to meet even more talent, visit even more locations, perform and great venues and take entertainment to the next level. Speaking of 2022:

Well Wishes to All

Lastly, it is the Christmas season and 2022 is upon us.

We want to take this opportunity to wish that everyone had an amazing Christmas and holiday season. We wish prosperity and happiness to everyone for 2022.

With that, we conclude this small recap.

Thanks and Keep Groovin’!
~DJ Fredo