After the sugar high and adrenaline rush from the spookiness of Halloween begins to wane, things start to change all around you. You see it in stores, online, radio, movies, the workplace and around the city. It’s inescapable but not unwelcome. It’s officially the “Holiday Season”! The holiday season can mean only one thing: Holiday Parties!

In 18 years of DJing, I’ve seen a LOT of holiday parties, of all kinds. I’ve put together here a little list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” that I hope will be helpful for YOUR holiday shenanigans!

DJ Fredo’s Official Holiday Party Do’s and Don’ts!

That’s right! I will list a few tips, tricks, and items to avoid for your next holiday party to help ensure it will be an amazing success, but most importantly FUN.

Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list and is presented in no particular order. For a full consultation feel free to reach out via the contact form.

Do: Plan Early! Don’t Delay!

Holidays have a habit of sneaking up on you. Before you know it, the main event day is happening soon and you’ll have to scramble to get a party together.

Vendor dates will fill quickly during this time of the year. Reach out now to check availability and reserve your day as soon as you can.

Do: Make a budget and stick with it!

Paying for the food, DJ, decorations, venues and everything else that a party entails can add up, and fast. Setting a budget early on is key to keep costs under control. Making a list of all required elements to your party and attributing a money limit to each will help you keep the costs of a party within reasonable limits, and you can still have an amazing event without having to sacrifice quality.

Do: Prioritize the party!

Remember that list I mentioned? That list of vendors or party elements can be used to also prioritize what are absolute “must haves” at your party, and what you can do without if budget doesn’t permit.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with trying to stay in budget and save money, but keep in mind. Quality of vendors, food, decor et al, is a “you get what you pay for” kind of thing. That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get a great caterer or to have an amazing DJ, but sometimes, in the pursuit of saving on costs, quality can be compromised.

Which brings us to our next tip…

Do: Vetting is key!

It doesn’t matter if the vendor charges $400 or $4000, or if the vendor is amazing or an amateur, or the quality of elements in your party are high end or from the local party store. What is important that it all fits you and your guests.

It’s vitally important to speak to vendors, check quality of items and food, visit venues to ensure it fits your expectations. Speaking of expectations..

Do: Make a list of expectations!

It’s not always easy to know what you want from a vendor or venue. Sometimes it may require multiple conversations, visits and revisions. It’s always good to have a starting point though.

Take a moment to sit and ponder over what you are looking for in your party, what kind of food, atmosphere, entertainment, activities and more you are wanting to make your party an absolute blast!

Don’t: Make things complicated

It can be very easy to get caught up in trying to make your party so unique and so amazing that you get lost in the details. Keeps things simple. Stay focused and your party will come to life before you know it.

Don’t: Take on everything yourself

Vendors, like DJs, Caterers, Photographers, et al, are here for you. The experience and suggestions event folks can bring is enormous. If you can, definitely take advantage of that.

Consider hiring an event planner as well. Event planners are a great way to make any party a huge success.

Don’t: Forget the many tools out there

The internet is a world of wonders. So much inspiration can come from an amazing plethora of sources, such as idea gathering platforms like Pinterest, to social media where asking those in your networks can bring up inspirational ideas to make your party truly your own unique creation.

Be a party Batman and use every tool in your tool belt.

Do: Get a great DJ: DJ Fredo!!

Ok! Ok! This last tip is, admittedly, quite self serving. However, if you want music at your event, an amazing party, someone to emcee the event, provide you years and years of planning and partying experience, DJ Fredo and Fredo Productions will provide you with an amazing experience.

Conclusion: Amazing Parties!

I hope some or all these tips will make your party amazing and if you’re just starting to plan, hopefully these tips will be a good starting point.

For a free consultation feel free to reach out via the contact form.

Happy holiday partying & Keep groovin’
~ DJ Fredo