It’s no surprise, social media is on the lips, and fingertips of everyone nowadays. Much of it, unfortunately, steeped in controversy over the questionable decisions and actions on behalf companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Spotify and Snapchat to name a few. Anyone who follows me is well aware of the blog post announcement I made to leave and shut down my profiles on platforms run by Twitter and Facebook due to their morally and ethically questionable actions. We won’t re-litigate that in this blog post. This blog post is an announcement of a positive type: DJ Fredo is now on Telegram and Vero. Please take a moment to follow me on Vero and Telegram.


Vero and Telegram, An Introduction

Before going into the Top 3 Reasons I’m there now, an introduction may be warranted for those out there not entirely in the know of what Vero or Telegram are.

Vero is essentially a replacement for Instagram. Very similar way of posting photos, videos, etc. You can categorize by topic (such as “Music”  or “Movies”). Telegram is a secure encrypted messaging platform, however, it has a “feed” feature that is very much like any other social media feed that allows folks to post (much like a Twitter tweet of sorts).

Introductions completed, let’s get to the main event: My Top 3 Reasons for using Vero and Telegram.


1.  No Advertisements

TheGrooveBlog - No Advertisement ImageLet’s face it, we all hate ads. Nobody wants to go to their social media to view ads thrown in their face that aren’t interesting or relevant at all, Let’s not even get into the privacy concerns over tracking and data mining that happens on social media for targeting ads. Vero and Telegram are both a breath of fresh air in regards to advertisements. Mostly because there are no advertisements.

Neat right?

No interruptions. No in your face obnoxiousness. No pushing products, services, and politics. More privacy for you and your data. A social media experience without ads is definitely worth the move alone.


2. No Algorithms

This may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to social media, but this definitely is something that dominates, if not outright define how your social media experience is. For those unfamiliar with what an algorithm is, it is the programmed logic behind any piece of software, service or digital product. Social media platforms like Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, etc. Rely heavily on algorithms to decide what you, as a user, gets to see.

Vero and Telegram don’t have algorithms deciding for your what you should see. You decide what to see. You can enjoy the content as you see fit.

That is huge.


3. No Politics (Sort of)

As everyone who follows me knows, I strive to be a-political on social media. The political nature of Twitter and Facebook, unfortunately has permeated the entire platform, from content to the very terms of service that govern the platform. You can’t escape it. Well, you can actually.

Vero and Telegram as platforms aren’t explicitly political in nature and as such, don’t engage in the questionable dehumanization behaviors you find with Twitter/Facebook corp. I do say “Sort of” though. Here’s why: If you want to post political content you can. As of yet, however, Vero and Telegram as a corporate entity haven’t gone out of their way to be overtly political in the management of their platforms.


Final Verdict

What does all this mean ultimately? It means a less intrusive, less obnoxious, less political, more private, more fun, more direct communication social media experience.

I think that’s a win-win for everyone.

One last order of business: whatever platform I use, I need followers! Please follow on all the social media/streaming platforms I am on. You support is invaluable. It’s all about you!

So please join me on Vero, Telegram, LinkedIn, MixCloud and

Keep Groovin’

~DJ Fredo